Bernard Chocolate Chip Bar Cookie Mix is a complete mix product made with whole grain rich flour to satisfy the WGR government requirement. Simply add water and paddle arm mix for two minutes and pour batter into one 18’ X 26’ sheet pan.

The Nutrition Information shows 3 serving sizes.
48 cuts (3¼” X 3” square, cut sheet pan 8 slices by 6 slices) per sheet pan providing ½ Grain Ounce Equivalent.

90 cuts (2.6” X 2” square, cut sheet pan 10 slices by 9 slices) per sheet pan, each providing
¼ Grain Ounce Equivalent.

117 cuts (2” X 2” square, cut sheet pan 13 slices by 9 slices) per sheet pan, providing ¼ Grain Ounce Equivalent. 

(Sample directions: Use 1½ cups dry mix [10 oz. by weight] and ¼ cup water, mix two minutes and pour into a greased 8” square pan. Bake at 375º for 25 minutes or until done)

We hereby certify that the Product Nutritional Information shown on this page is true and accurate.

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6 @ 5 lb.
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Chocolate Chip Bar Cookie Mix
6 – 18” x 26” Sheet pans



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