Bernard’s Glaze Mixes provide quick desserts, varied and pretty, while meeting the Child Nutrition Meal Pattern requirements.

These mixes are labor saving, only water and fruit are added, without any cooking.  Liquids from the fruit may be used, enhancing the flavor and increasing the food value even more.  Glazed fruit may be served as is, or over cake, graham crusts, tart shells, waffles, cheese cake or crepes.  Fruits may be fresh, frozen or canned in light or heavy syrup.  Use All Berry Glaze for the red-shaded fruits.

For a quick, easy and delicious dessert, the tarts or pies glazed with these mixes can be topped with Bernard’s Instant Whip Trene.

Each 24 oz. can of Red Fruit Glaze Mix provides the exact weight of Glaze necessary to provide just the right amount to glaze the 30 pounds of thawed government commodity frozen cherries or (3) #10 cans of cherries, juice and all.

Red Fruit Glaze is perfect when combined with the cherries to prepare Cherry Tarts, Cherry Pies or when using the glazed cherries to top cheese cakes - particularly one of the Bernard Regular Cheese Cake Mixes, or Calorie Control® Cheesecake Mix to prepare a “lite” cheesecake or tart.

Instant Pie Fill Conditioner completes our Glaze Mix category as an all purpose instant fruit juice thickener.  This one has no specific flavor or color - just add the sugar to the conditioner product and mix with the fruit and juice - allow this mixture to stand a few minutes and it’s ready to serve or bake.


6 @ 3 lb., 6 oz.
12 @ 24 oz.
12 @ 15 oz.
Glaze, All Berry
Glaze, Red Fruit
Pie Fill Conditioner
1200 - 1/4 cup servings
2304 - 1/4 cup servings
2304-1/4 cup servings


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