The perfect sugar-free whipped topping for Calorie Control® Gelatins, Calorie Control® Puddings, Calorie Control® Pumpkin Pie Filling and all other sugar-free desserts.  Top off a steaming cup of Calorie Control® brand Hot Cocoa with a tablespoon of this delicious sugar-free Whipped Topping Mix.

You can even use this delicious Whipped Topping Mix for Bernard Regular Cakes and desserts.  It will add a “sweet as sugar” taste without adding any additional calories to sugar-sweetened cakes and desserts.

You do not need to add any additional ingredients such as vanilla - this is a complete mix - just add ice water or skim milk and you will have the finest sugar-free Whipped Topping that you have ever tasted.

Diabetic Exchange: A two-tablespoon serving (only 10 calories) may be consitered a free exchange.

Gluten Free

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12 @ 6 oz. pouch
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Whipped Topping Mix
1,536 - 2 tbsp servings



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